SCTA member; Life member in Bonneville 200 MPH Club, El Mirage 200 MPH Club and Sidewinders; Dry Lakes Hall of Famer

Ken Walkey, Bonneville Salt Flats... and One Hot Car!
#122 C/Blown Gas Streamliner - Flies through the clocks at over 300 mph!

Retired Walt Disney Imagineer designed the most aerodynamic automobile on the Bonneville Salt Flats.
Tested in laboratory wind tunnels for minimum wind resistance, this car is engineered for smooth sailing!

Every year Bonneville Speed Week brings many unique entries to claim land speed records... Ken Walkey and his #122 Streamliner are no exception.

"Grandpa's Toy", as Walkey calls it, was just ready in 1998 to claim the record for "C Blown Gas Streamliner". The last record was set back in '95 at 242 mph...



"Grampa's Toy" was hotter than ever as he sailed through the clocks at 238, 246, 268, and then qualified for record runs the next morning with a "blazing" speed of over 284 mph. The next morning a new Bonneville land speed record was set by Walkey and his crew as they celebrated a two way average speed of 285.701 mph. Not satisfied with his "hot" new record, Walkey again raced down the long course and qualified against his own record with a new speed of over 298 mph. The next morning Ken Walkey and his crew set a "new" two way average...

Bonneville Land Speed Record for the C/BGS class,
295.641 mph!

When you're hot, you're hot!
With just a few short days left, Ken Walkey and his hard working crew took the invincible "Grandpa's Toy" Streamliner into yet another Record run and into the 300 mph class, through the clocks, with a top "Out the Back Door" speed of an incredible 316.294 mph!

Congratulations to Ken Walkey, his crew, and many sponsors for a job well done!

It was a lot of fun for a lot of years. Time to retire from 300 MPH!
Car SOLD Aug 2006 at Russo and Steele Car Auction in Monterey, CA
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